Sod Installation

Are you ready to show off your luscious green lawn this spring & summer?

Call Qualitech Landscaping today for our professional Sod Grass Install Team! We specialize in Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia, and more! Give your lawn the HGTV makeover! Count on us for your sod installation project! With almost 15 years installing sod we know what we are doing!

Common types of sods in Texas are

St. Augustine, Raleigh

Grows best in shade and full sun. It's thick and tolerates foot traffic. It needs a lot of watering and it's very resistant to weeds. It's the most common sod planted in Texas as well as Bermuda Sod.

St. Augustine Palmetto

Grows best in shade where there is minimal sunlight. Its thick, very sensitive to chemicals, and it needs a lot of watering. It spreads fast and it's drought resistant.

Bermuda Sod

Grows best in full sun where there's no shade at all. It's thin but it doesn't need a lot of watering. This grass can be scalped to overseed for winter grass. It recovers quickly from damage and it spreads fast.

Zoysia Sods

Emerald, palisades, cavalier, empire, deon, zorro, etc.These zoysia grasses grow well in sun or some shade. It tolerates shade and it's very resistant to weeds and disease. It does not require alot of watering. It's twice as expensive as the other common grasses.


  • Remove existing weeds or grasses
  • Check/mark Sprinkle system with flags
  • Roto till area to losen ground
  • Begin grading and leveling
  • Topsoil mix should be added if needed to level area or to fill in low spots
  • Apply granulated insectide for grub worms
  • Begin laying sod the correct way so no lines will be noticeable
  • Make cuttings and adjustments to fit sod
  • Roll area with a lawn roller filled with water


  • Water sod for at least 30 minutes each section everyday for two weeks
  • Do not step on sod when it's wet
  • Aply insecticide for grub worms before or after installation.
  • fertilizing should be done two weeks after installation. Make sure to use a starter fertilizer
  • You can mow your grass after 4 weeks of installation or depending on grass growth. Make sure to cut as high as you can